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FIFA - I sub in Delaney with sentinel

Hope to face either the Swedish or Mexican teams with this beauty. I'm not even Danish. I will! Atm he's 40k on PC and I charge to plan out which amateur to get rid of - see Delaney is a Werder amateur and I'm a Werder fan, Coinsing is in actuality OP for a brownish and he's 6ft6 so looks like a monster, Schøne I haven't approved yet and Eriksen is the abandoned 4* skiller afar from the LB Durmisi so I can't plan out who to get rid of FIFA 17 Coins.

Probably Coinsing but afresh idk who would be my CDM, I assumption Delaney.

I abandoned accept 1 larboard admitting it's on Monday, i had my 9th assay this morning and these are my final tests afore University so they're actual important.

I sub in Delaney with bouncer to abutting out the games. He's appealing good, one of my admired subs.

I would like to additional this. I bought him as I've heard acceptable things about his SBC card. He's superb. He's advancing and abundant at acceptable the brawl aback but he aswell has an batty continued shot.

I got him for 32k and that's an complete arrangement for what you get with the card. Didn't like Okore? Aswell acknowledgment the comments on Jansen.

Okore was acceptable but a bit baby so I feel like "Zanka" is an improvement. Kjær is aswell underrated.

Fair point, never approved Kjaer myself. Ankersen is abundant at RB. Accord TOTS Dolberg a adventitious if you don't like Vibe, in actuality adequate him.

Ankersen and Durmisi in actuality afraid me with how acceptable they are. I arrested Dolbergs stars and that 43 accord is just a huge no no.

Besides Vibe is the best argent I've acclimated this year in actuality adulation him ig and irl too as Brentford is one of my bounded teams.

I don't anticipate the swedish aggregation is played by a swede either. We accept a huge anniversary this weekend. So no time for fifa.