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FIFA - I set a ambition for gold 3

Am I the abandoned one that thinks that annual rewards accept WAY too abundant aberration amid anniversary tier?First of all... Brownish and argent rewards are in fact useless, accepting ONE acquaint is not abundant reward FIFA Ultimate Team Coins.

Then, gold rewards are a bit asymmetric too IMO. Accepting 3 informs for amphitheatre 160 matches is too low. IMO Gold III rewards should be like that, but afresh FIFA 17 Coins II should accept 5 informs and afresh Gold I 7 IF's or something like that.

The actuality that with ONE win beneath you can go from accepting 12 IF's (Elite) to 3 IF's (Gold) is in fact bs IMO.

Elite rewards and T100 are accomplished IMO, but they should still accord bigger rewards for EACH bank (E.g. Elite III 12 IF's Elite II 15 IF's and Elite I 20 IF's).

So I assuredly managed to beforehand myself to authorize for the weekend alliance endure week. I'd abandoned approved a few times afore and I anticipate I've acclimated beneath than ten tries all-embracing aback the absolution of the game. Not abiding why I never in fact approved that harder but this anniversary I fabricated it with the one try I gave and absitively to almanac some statistics from the games.

I set a ambition for gold 3 so I'd get to play the afterward weekend as able-bodied afterwards accepting to play in the circadian tournament. So afterwards added ado, actuality are the infographics:

FC Robbery is my squad's name

Main statistics

Bonus statistics including ambition scorers and adversary celebrations

The band I used

The bigger affair that ancestor out to me is my finishing in the abecedarian I lost. I abandoned denticulate 11 goals with 89 shots on target, that's a 12.4% about-face rate. Compare that to my 34.6% about-face bulk in the abecedarian I won and the aberration is drastic. I created affluence of affairs even in the abecedarian I absent so I anticipate that if I convenance my finishing I'll be able to win a lot added abecedarian in the future.

Not abiding how abounding humans will see this column and I mainly created the infographics so I could play about with illustrator but I do achievement those who apprehend this begin this absorbing and I acclaim you accumulate some statistics of your abecedarian as well. You'll at atomic acquisition any bright flaws in your game.

This is awesome. In actuality appealing accessible to see who's assuming (or beneath performing) in your squad.

I accept tracking this accept to yield a bit of times amid games. Did you acquisition this mini time out of sorts helped displace your arch for the next game?

I advised the excel spreadsheet able-bodied in beforehand so I abandoned bare to ample in the slots afterwards every game. It abandoned took like 30 abnormal to do so it wasn't abundant of an added time out, but I feel like it still helped. At atomic in that it affected me to go through what happened in the bold and apprehend that if I lost,FIFA Ultimate Team Coins the statistics authentic it a lot of of the times.

I about acquainted like I was cheated out of a win afterwards the bold ended, but afterwards traveling through the statistics I usually accomplished I had affluence of affairs to put the bold to bed. Of advance sometimes annihilation goes in no bulk what you do, but I accept a lot of of the ashen affairs appear from abrupt shots of bad attempt selection.