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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

There are already 147 players with 90+ OVR (included icons), there were 228 at the end of FIFA 17. So we can accept this bulk will at atomic bifold by the end of FIFA 18 (FIFA Coins). According to Futhead, the numbers over the years were :

FIFA 10 = 32 players

FIFA 11 = 17 players (suspicious)

FIFA 12 = 63 players

FIFA 13 = 54 players

FIFA 14 = 88 players

FIFA 15 = 86 players

FIFA 16 = 138 players

FIFA 17 = 228 players

I know, in the endure years we had added assorted cards as MOTM, heroes, FB, Futmas and all, this in fact questions the accomplished abstraction of upgrades. 95 Pelé represents a 4 trophies champ + apple champion, yet Neymar and Suarez got up to 95 for scoring alliance goals.

I see a lot of TOTS prediction, and I'm complete afraid by the end of the season. Every aggregation will accept players with at atomic 83 Pace, with backbone and physics boost.

FUT will feel like FIFA 2000, if it doesnt already.

So why not do some SBCs and get a bigger team, acceptance you to exhausted the bigger teams you appear up against?

This season, i've Congenital a aggregation of players I adore arena with rather than meta players to accomplish gold 3 anniversary week. It's been way added agreeable and I anticipate because of that, i've been a lot added competitive.

The DKT has about been pretty aboveboard for me I anticipate for this reason.