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Feb-07-2017 Categories: news

I rarely dab first. I played anyone with dab in their name this weekend and their abridgement was DAB. I dabbed so abundant that game.

Played anyone with DAB as well, anon turnt into a cunt already noticed.See, I accept my club name as "Parkthedab" with abbreviations with DAB, I did this as an FIFA 17 Coins action seeing if anyone would anytime aback out; they didn't. Now I'm ashore with the club name. I acclimated to dab and be a prick and sorts but now I just brew A to accumulate playing.

Honestly you deserve to be dabbed adjoin with that club name.Doesn't wind me up anymore...as continued as I don't get shushed. That'll achieve me in actuality pay absorption to Buy fifa coins the game.

That accepting said, if anyone does the "dead fish" I'll do it aback but added than that I will not because I alone apperceive how to do like 4 celebrations.

I alone apperceive how to do the Ozil anniversary and the Homer Simpson celebration. How do you do the asleep fish?On Xbox Authority LT and the Ls to the larboard Appealing sure.

I abhorrence this celebration. My acquaintance and I created 'Dab city-limits fc' a brace of years ago and it has annihilation to do with this brainless dance. If he anytime migrates to 17, we'll accept to go a altered avenue because I apperceive this is traveling to appear every fucking game.