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Apr-24-2017 Categories: news

I about accomplished a bold of Champs that I was acceptable 1-0 if the doorbell rang for my pizza that I was cat-and-mouse for. I answered it apathy to pause, FIFA 17 Coins and if I came back, the bold accomplished and I absent 2-1.

Obviously EA "predetermined" that I would get my pizza appropriate if I was about to win so I would lose, right? It's in actuality not my accountability for not pausing or scoring added goals so I would win added easily.

Typical EA whiteknights in their "git gud" shirts.

It's funny how this is just actuality to abet a big allotment of the playerbase, but god beware anyone complains about the bold fucking them over again. Out appear the "it's all in your head" or "get good" comments.

Dude every individual complaint column on this sub gets upvoted like crazy. If the drive chic was traveling about you could bead that chat in something and your column would hit the hot page. "Competitive game" gets acclimated as acrimony all the time. Humans accuse about in actuality everything.

One getting will say through assurance are OP while anyone abroad will affirm that theyre nerfed in actuality and consistently anyone will accede because anybody has gotten busted over by something and if it happens to anyone else, and they see that post, all their antecedent acrimony at the bold gets validated.

Scripting is non exact and I achievement you can apprehend my acknowledgment actively and not abolish it as a "git gud" comment.

I in actuality like this bold but accede the mechanics fuck up affluence but there is annihilation I can see that systematically disadvantages the amateur like "scripting".