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FIFA - I have been arena FUT on PS4

news Jan-17-2017

FIFA - I have been arena FUT on PS4
Is it altered on PS4 vs. Xbone? I've been arena FUT on PS4 aback '14 and

accept never accustomed a message. Aback if I played Anger on the Xbox 360 I'd

get letters sometimes. Usually of the "LOL you're abhorrent pussy" variety.

Don't apperceive in accepted Cheap Fut 18 Coins but if I played 360 it was far added baneful

than I accept accomplished with ps4. Not just fifa either.

The best was arena alarm of Duty and audition children's choir get absolutely

quiet while adage "bad words" so mommy and amoroso didn't hear.

I played lots of COD on 360 as well. The abandoned things that I heard appear

out of the mouths of accouchement was shocking. I haven't played abundant

Battlefield/COD on the PS4, but I've played affluence of FIFA online and accept

never accustomed any abuse.

On ps4 you accept to go into the column bout screen, see their gamertag and

again blazon it in to forward them a message. This puts off a lot of trolls

abnormally if you accept a circuitous name. I accept on xbox there is a contempo

players list, makes it abundant added attainable to forward letters column


I messaged one guy afterwards a bold a played in which he had Pele, not

because he had Pele. Because he had the greatest aggregation which I had anytime

laid eyes aloft and still acquainted like afterwards he denticulate in the 30th

minute he should canyon the brawl into a bend and absorber it...

Yeah, which is one of the things I don't understand. I've never cloistral the

brawl into the bend or gone abounding PTB unless it's the 85+ minute and I'm up

by a ambition and absolutely charge the win FIFA Coins.

I don't absolutely feel like I play a aggressive appearance of FIFA, I

apperceive I'm not that great, I'm currently in DIV 2 and achievement to get

answer soon.