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Apr-02-2017 Categories: news

If you play offline with 2 Bundesliga teams, the UI will in actuality appearance added time. You will see that the time runs down to whatever was said (2 or 3 mins or whatever) FIFA 17 Coins and afresh the ref will abstract the blare as anon as the accepted advance is finished. So no EA scripting at plan here.

But I agree, its ridicoulus that we dont acquire a timer for online games.I didn't say there was any scripting, but it just seems accidental to me.

I got 3 account added time and ran down abreast the dude captivation the assurance that says how abounding account are larboard and it had a 1 on it.

Its been like this all year, i anticipation everybody noticed. there's about no abeyance time at all this year, apparently to accomplish anybody stop accusatory about abominable 90th minute goals.

So in actuality its our accountability for accusatory about 90th minute scripting (lol) and aswell EA for advancing up with such a bits band-aid to that.

On the old FIFAs the time in abrasion time wouldn't accrue unless it confused from the third of the angle it was in...

Extra time is absurd to calibration in video games. Would you ambition it to be bold alarm ?it would endure 15 abnormal . Its an insolvable affair .they do what they can . Air-conditioned whining though.

IRL added time is a minimum, so if 3 account is 15sec as you say, afresh the bold should abide for 15 sec and afresh the blare assault if a aggregation loses possession.

Do why does it sometimes say there are 3 min of added time and the bold ends immediately?

This does not happen, it ability just be your bent because 3 in-game account are in actuality short. Play an offline bold with 2 Bundesliga teams and see for yourself, they appearance the added time afterwards the 90th minute.