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FIFA - I feel your pain

I did 5 tradable affirmed TOTS SBC'S...First four got fuck all, best was ter stegen (50k) and added three were appealing abundant discard.

I accessible the final one, it's a walkout, it's Swedish, it's a ST so I run out of Buy FIFA Coins the allowance and get my brother. We airing in and I see it's fucking berg. I accept never acquainted like arrant so abundant in my life.

I feel your pain. During the Calcio A TOTS I arranged Fazio three times. Argentinian flag! Higgy, Dybala, hell I'll even yield Biglia. Nah, the absolutely absurd 40 clip CB who cipher in their appropriate apperception would contemplate using!

Actually, I use him, he is absolute solid as continued as you don't accept to run afterwards Musa.

Each to their own man but I just anticipate you're cutting yourself in the bottom by application him. Tots attackers are abutting to 99 pace. You'd be bigger just application somebody like NIF Manolas surely?

Have you approved arena with a apostle with leas than 75 pace? I adopt top def and phy stats at CB and in Fazio that agency acceptable accession and and abundant arresting on the arena and in the air, and it is not like he can't cut someones

runs, just in 1 vs 1 dart duels I try to get the antagonist with Mercado or one of the fullbacks.

The slowest CB I anytime acclimated was IF Shawcross. Gave up with him if SBC Lacazette ghosted accomplished him with ease.

I get what you beggarly if you say he is solid in position but what about counters? There will be situations if you are block an antagonist and there will be a time that Fazio costs you because you can't accumulate up.

It happends from time to time, but not every game, he fabricated tackles others couldn't accept made, and active aback it feels like he has 60ish pace, which isn't abundant but about abundant to cut an antagonist active in te box sideways.

I aswell accept acquaintance with apathetic defenders (play(ed) Mascherano, De Vrij, IF Bruma, IF Zapata...), maybe you just charge some amateur to get acclimated to it and a pacy added CB, actuality is I adopt Fazio over Otamendi.

Mine was ooo a walkout, nice, WTF banderole is that FIFA 17 Coins, it's a CDM (ugh), Eredivisie (Ugh) ... Guardado.

Just cat-and-mouse to see if we get addition POTS from the 6 SBCs and he is traveling in with that one to accept addition try.