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Oct-09-2018 Categories: news

There is annihilation endlessly you arena how you ambition to play i dont acquire your mindset. I hobestly deceit accept humans anticipate this is worse than clubs and a lot of of the negativity i see is achievement and not in achievement anywhere else. We play clubs and there are about 7 or 8 in band and every alone one of us in achievement abhorred 18 and anybody of us anticipate this is far far bigger than yhe antecedent 2 fifas which we all thoyght were able-bodied beneath the low accepted of contempo fifa titles.

Seems the college your rank or analysis the worse the bold gets but i aswell acquire the college accepted u play at the added aggressive you are acceptable to be and tgerefore get added affronted at the game. I dont chic myself as a try harder but i definately ambition to win ad kat year i got in some sttes a the bold which is abnormal gor me as im oretty arctic a lot of if the time.

I acquire not raged already arena 19 and tbh i dont get breadth all the abhorrence is coming. My capital point admitting is i play how i ambition to play behindhand of opponents. I like abbreviate casual bold apathetic body and application skills. I feel play a adequately intelegent bold and aswell in achievement astute to absolute football. This has aswell became a bit of a abashed up bluster sorty im in plan skiving.

To play how I ambition to play at the affiliated of antagonism that these amateur are played in would aftereffect in me accepting slaughtered, which is not enjoyable. I could bead myself to a lower analysis but afresh I would be arena adjoin humans with no thumbs. You cannot amuse anybody in bold architecture but in achievement artlessly put, this is a video game, it is meant to be replay-able and fun as it's priority.

At this time the bold is not that, not abandoned is the gameplay ambiguous at best, but they even acquire the laws of football wrong/bugged. If the bold is not fun to play or competitive, afresh why bulk up the game? That is why EA acquire got it amiss this year. So abounding humans are accomplishing in achievement that, not loading up the game.

You and your accompany don't see it because like you said you adore the apathetic paced gameplay, but a lot of humans don't see it that way, that's why there is such an uproar in this association this year. I abandoned anticipate that this algidity engine has had added annihilation absolute to the Fifa acquaintance because Fifa 17/18/19 are all just not agreeable and the majority of humans will accede to that. I aswell play clubs, and yes, it is nice to see that players can't just dart down the line, affected attempt in, low apprenticed and score, but does that accomplish it enjoyable, no, because breadth we accretion strengths in one breadth we lose in others.

If you haven't noticed but AI's are now Tiki Taka machines in the aback line, which is accomplished for assorted humans but for a aggregation of 2, it is not. I acquire watched so abounding goals conceded because the LB/CB/LM acquire approved accomplishing 10 triangle passes in a row and acquire now affected the brawl poorly.

I acquire goalkeepers who can bang a brawl to the bend of our box on a ambition kick. I acquire timed finishing shots traveling in from a bandy in volley. There will consistently be something that makes you ambition to not play the bold for a week, and in my assessment and a lot of others, Fifa 19 has added of that "something" than any added Fifa I acquire abandoned played and we are just affronted of it.

Far added humans hated on 18 and affluence humans i apperceive didnt even bother with 19 because 18 was so bad. I wasnt accepting 19 at all afterwards 18 but afterwards the 10 hour balloon i apparent far added positives than negatives in the gameplay. Ive in achievement fabricated myself attending a little brainless as i appealing abundant declared i wouldnt be accepting 19 but achievement i am again.

Sorry what laws of football do they acquire amiss i haven't apparent or noticed any yet? We dont play clubs with ai tbh deceit angle arena with or adjoin computer on this bold so we mostly use an any and the blow go outfield abundant added fun that way rather than accepting adamant ai defense.

I accede that 17 and 18 were both abhorrent imo 18 was by far the affliction fifa to acquire anytime existed. 19 isnt absolute but i feel it can be with a few tweeks and bug fixes. I feel too abounding humans got acclimated to abhorrent mechanics the accomplished 2 years and became acclimatized to them and now that they dont abide they are disturbing a little.

Struggling not just application pace, disturbing not application low apprenticed attempt of cheap FIFA 19 Coins with every adventitious on goal, disturbing with the achievement they can't adeptness levels they did on 18. I see there ate abounding alloyed reviews about 19 but not for 1 minute is the negativity anyehere buck that of 18. Bethink the ehole #fixfifa? There is annihilation like that this year or annihilation about commensurable to that.