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FIFA - I could not be happier

As ailing as luiz looks i candidly feel i'm bigger off spending the 900k-1 mil on TOTY Marcelo and arena him at CM. Every abandoned carbon he has is bigger than David Luiz and Cheapest FIFA 17 Coins if im ailing of him at atomic i can advertise him and get the bill back. Sinking over 1 mil into luiz just puts me off. What do you guys think?

I was cerebration the same. In actuality I was accessible to get TOTY Marcelo on Thursday but absitively to delay for Lukaku and FUT Altogether to see what it's all about.

I was in actuality torn amid the two all Friday night, but I absitively to get SBC Luiz today and I could not be happier. My cerebration abaft the accommodation was that David Luiz consistently plays aloft his stats, and he has the acme and anatomy to play able-bodied at midfield.

Also, I could not Live with myself missing the befalling to do that Luiz as afterwards the 8 canicule he will be gone, admitting Marcelo will consistently be there (probably added big-ticket though).

He's been abundant for me so far, defensively and offensively. I slapped a Hawk on him for the acid and concrete upgrades and he kills it with the continued shots.

Defensively he intercepts aggregate traveling his way (never spreads his legs for the brawl to canyon beneath like added midfielders do) and is as aggresive as he's consistently been.

Yeah tbh i in actuality do ambition him but alive im in actuality gonna abstract 900k on him is putting me off so much. I do acquire OTW pogba, and OTW kante as the added two mids admitting so i dont anticipate that i will end up alteration it for the abstract of fifa as i anticipate it will be deadly.

I'm just so afraid that im gonna abhorrence him, be 900k bill and ashore with him. I havent heard anyone say that he sucks yet admitting so its in actuality auspicious me to just chaw the bullet.