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Jul-24-2017 Categories: news

Nowadays I get afraid seeing a abounding gold band in the WL. I rather go adjoin a abounding TOTY aggregation afresh face the babble if amphitheatre adjoin those basal teams.

I exhausted Ronaldo every time I came adjoin him this WL and absent to every NIF team. If I see abounding TOTS players I now feel relief. It's like "YES! My players will acknowledge to my inputs accurately this game!".

Yes they were aswell boxy amateur but the goals I conceded were due to accepting outplayed, not some affliction AIDS bs.

I'm with you. If the adversary has Ronaldo I apperceive to mark him constantly. If the adversary has a abounding gold aggregation than they're assured abundant to play with a applesauce aggregation and Buy FIFA 18 Coins that's scary.

I in actuality absent all my amateur adjoin abounding gold teams this WL, accomplished gold III with 7 amateur left, simple aristocratic III but i just dont affliction to play no more(im on PC).

Yeah able-bodied the affair is I don't lose adjoin them but you apprehend that a abounding tots band would be faster and stronger. Like nif Vardy scoring a attack adjoin Smalling futties.

My players feel like bits whenever i appear up adjoin gold squads, im 100% abiding there is affliction but im not adage bits aback i apperceive how humans on this subreddit are.

Don't accept in handicap...I hardly accept in momentum. But I attempt admeasure adjoin abounding gold teams. And I apply the aforementioned adjoin ample teams so it's now that.

I anticipate we just get balked added because we paid a bits ton of bill and invested time to accept a ample aggregation and afresh somebody uses a 50k band and the players feel the aforementioned way.

No way, its bright to me now there is some babble in this bold that sometimes screws the bigger aggregation over.

In analysis 2 my top rated aggregation played like crap, if i played with a absolute simple low rated aggregation aggregate eent the way i capital it to go.

Passes go beeline to the amateur i want, they in actuality feel faster and added responsive, wel aggregate goes okay, aback to the top rated team...Everything goes to absolute bits again.

And that wasn't just a fluke. At aboriginal I anticipation "Ok, it's allegedly something abroad like affiliation and the actuality that it's NIF teams is just a fluke", but I play added and Cheap Fut 18 Coins added and it in actuality happens every time with that accepting the abandoned common denominator.