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Jun-28-2017 Categories: news

A few that I haven't apparent mentioned:

Roger - in fact absolutely acceptable ST, I accept denticulate so abounding with this guy and I don't apperceive why! 10/10

Dzeko - appealing boilerplate TBH 6/10

Jonas - he's amazing at CAM but candidly I would save the Coins and get his 88 agenda 8/10

Andre Silva - air-conditioned ST, not the a lot of animate but is decidedly acceptable in the air 7/10

Dost & Mitroglu - garbage, Andre Silva won added in the air than both of them 1/10

Lahm - makes a amazing CDM 10/10

Danilo Pereria - if you ambition a authentic arresting CDM his brilliant, iv aswell acclimated him at CB and he is appropriately acceptable 8/10

I use TOTS Kane up top in a 433 and he does in fact well. He excels with finishing that relies on his backbone and positioning.

But he's aswell accustomed some adapted through assurance and torn through a adamant CB bond with his pace. He's in fact not the fastest, but if you time it able-bodied he has a wide-range of positions he can shoot and annual from.

Was afraid this was aswell the case for me but bought him to use at cm. The 3 argent WL about bare me to use him as a striker area afterwards this WL he has a 1 bold to ambition arrangement and a 0.5 abetment to ambition ratio.

His high/high workrates do sometimes annoyance him to midfield but I don't apperception it too abundant because he is a abundant interceptor and advance starter.

His finishing is fizz chic and about every low apprenticed finds the aback of the FIFA 17 Coins net. If you use a fast and animate striker like son on the larboard of him you'll accept a barbarian partnership.

Edit: agitated me from a accustomed 23/24 wins to a 31 win WL.