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FIFA - I accept consistently been appropriate at Fifa

EA, i adulation band battles, but...It gets complete stale. I've played it every anniversary now, FIFA 18 Coins and its the aforementioned cold in every game. Get 5 goals, 10 shots on target, 55% posession, 85% canyon accuracy, and the apple-pie sheet.

We apperceive EA's FIFA administration accept cooperated with Madden afore (Sets and SBC's, FUT Champions and MUT Champions, Solo Challenges and Band Battles).

Solo Challenges in Madden is similar. They accord you about 64 scenarios, with adapted objectives. It can be "Score a touchdown with casual only" Or "Run the brawl for at atomic 50 yards".

There could in actuality be an addition to this in Band Battles to achieve every bold added unique. I'd adulation for there to be mini objectives in anniversary game. EA could accord us added SB Credibility or just bill for commutual them.

"Score at atomic 2 goals from alfresco the box", "Score a ambition with a fullback", "Maintain at atomic an 85% attempt accuracy" Are just some examples that would aroma the amateur up and achieve it added fun, rather than the accepted bullwork that it feels like.

Another affair that Solo Challenges does is socalled "moments" area you get a bound aggregate of time to either cull off a comeback, or avert a lead. I feel like this could be pulled off as able-bodied in FIFA.

You alpha the bold 70 annual in, and you're down 2-1 in a alliance game. You afresh accept to arise aback and win the bold with a complete bound aggregate of time.

I feel like this is a complete acceptable addition to the Featured Squads, as its just a harder aggregation that we bullwork through like every added SB aggregation we play against.

Would that not stop humans arena the WL tho? A lot of play the WL for annual rewards and if you can get them in SB a lot of would stop, I apperceive I would. EA wants the WL to be the flagship approach so I can't see them affective players abroad from it.

How is the bold so simple for you that you abandoned accept to play 20-22 matches for 18 wins. Like I'm about curious, because aback 2 weeks I don't see any advance on my play, but I aswell don't apperceive what to improve.

I apperceive you don't apperceive how I play so you can't accord me complete advice, but what are some accepted added avant-garde rules on FIFA?

I accept consistently been appropriate at Fifa, it helps to play the antecedent Fifa games. I would watch my gameplay aback to see what I was accomplishing amiss and that helped me.

The bigger affair that sets a gold and aristocratic amateur afar imo is finishing, if I get a adventitious I yield it but so abounding times I will see anyone use the amiss attempt blazon and blend a adventitious up, it doesn't aggregate if you accept De Gea in ambition or Tim Krul you accept to accomplishment and the keepers can't save cantankerous physique shots or low apprenticed into the bend no aggregate whos in the net.

You should convenance acid in the accomplishment bold area and try and watch your bold aback because you will achieve abounding mistakes you don't apprehension you are making.