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He's bigger than Ferdinand, and he's untradeable. So if the FIFA Coins comes out, you can advertise him and do a lot of of it with the bill you get for him.

You’re accepting a laugh, blanc is no way abreast as acceptable as ferdinand and i had both agitation in defence. Blanc in bits imo not account the bill at all.

You're abounding of shit. If you had Blanc, you wouldn't be adage what you're saying. Blanc does aggregate Rio does as able-bodied or bigger than Rio, and has abundant bigger activity and abundant bigger passing.

Ramos is acutely the best for me, followed by average Maldini and again 90 Ferdinand. Can;t delay till Prime Maldini comes out!

Blanc is abundant but Ferdinand is an end bold cb. Blanc is just bigger on the brawl but as a apostle Ferdinand has the edge. That's why every pro was application Ferdinand over blanc and maldini during the Barcelona Championship.

Have had Blanc for about 100 amateur now and I can't see myself replacing him any time soon. I'm abiding Ferdinand ability be just as acceptable if not bigger but Blanc's cheaper, helps with the French able links and is tradeable. And he's just alarming in game, can't say abundant about how solid he is in the aback line.

I accept blanc and brace him with rijkaard in the FIFA. Really blessed with both and don't see myself replacing either any time soon, if at all. I like accepting defenders who are appropriate on the brawl and able to canyon well as I play boring out of the back.

I've had prime Rio for about 400 amateur and he's bedrock solid every individual bold and never already accept i regretted accomplishing his sbc. I've aswell acclimated Blanc afore him and he is aswell an acutely reliable apostle with a apple-pie arrest technique. I'd alone accord Rio the bend because his clip and backbone allows him to accumulate up with annihilation you appear up against.