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FIFA - I absolutely enjoyed the monthlies

EA should accede some array of FUT Coins anchored accolade arrangement that allows humans to get SOMETHING that they want.

A while back, somebody put alternating an abstraction that we be adored some array of currency, that we can afresh barter for a account amateur of our choice. Not a bad idea.

I would even accede some array of amateur exchange, ie; I can barter two red cards for one red agenda of my allotment (of an according or lower rating.) Honestly, annihilation that allows these rewards to be usable.

Yeah, sure, about 10 humans get to backpack a red Ronaldo, and maybe you get advantageous and cull a amateur that you in actuality use in your team.

But i've got Gold 1 account every ages aback November, and I still haven't arranged a individual Calcio A player. I'd appropriately barter 5 abortive Liga Nos reds for ONE abortive Italian red agenda that could fit my team.

Right now, account rewards just artlessly aren't "rewarding".

I can't even fit a individual of my gold monthlies on the coffer in my team. What's the point? They're not even tradeable, and don't even calculation as a "TOTW Player" for SBC purposes.

I get that I'm accusatory over "free stuff," but there's annihilation added demotivating than watching anyone accessible Aristocratic 1 account packs and not affairs a individual amateur that would even plan as a air-conditioned sub.

I anticipate its fine. Its chargeless players, and I attending advanced to it everytime, I ability abandoned accept a few appropriate pulls, but out of all the TOTW players there are, I feel like I a few usuable ones.

And even if I got 30 bits players that I've never used FIFA 18 Coins, they are free, and I adore accomplishing wierd squads out of them etc. I absolutely enjoyed the monthlies as it is.