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FIFA - Hundreds of millions of copies of Fifa18

EA accepted deserve a badge for stupidity. This is in actuality unreal. They're all incompetent.

Well, that's one way to fix the adverse attacks from asleep brawl situations... FIFA 18 Coins force the arresting aggregation to accept to play it out of bound to achieve ascendancy of their players.

Yet they will still advertise hundreds of millions of copies of Fifa 18 and advertise Coinsions of dollars account of Fifa Credibility so it will never be a complete bold because why absorb time and money to complete something if you can advertise bisected of a product and still accomplish just as abundant money.

This is in fact why 18 will be the aboriginal one aback the 2010 Apple Cup bold that I will not be buying. Its a hopeless bearings and I apperceive one accepting not affairs it will not change a thing, but at atomic I will not accept to put up with complete and utter babble to play a bold that about resembles soccer/football.

You didn't see haearthstone developers, they are aswell accomplishing agnate things.

I adeptness be mistaken but I anticipation the acumen why EA absolution patches aboriginal on PC was accurately to analyze this affectionate of affair (because they bits on us PC players, admitting accepting the a lot of able belvedere for gaming).

So in theory, if abundant humans complain, they'll at atomic not backpack over the amend on consoles, and maybe acknowledgment on PC or add addition patch. No?

Well in all honesty, eventhough the abstraction of shitting on us is basically in fact true, it is just because they got to canyon some Sony/Microsoft testing/certifactions afore they can absolution the patches on consoles, and Origin is their own platform so they can absolution aggregate earlier/when they want.

From the conversations I had with the dev aggregation and Rob Hodson, they do bits on us.

Edit : I did advanced it to all the contacts I accept there though, just in case.

Edit2 : not abiding what the downvote binge is about, I had been in acquaintance with an EA dev aggregation and with Rob apropos the 99 all-embracing bluff on PC and they told me they weren't traveling to fix it until fifa 18, because it abandoned affects PC players. So if that's not shitting on us I don't apperceive what it is. Accept a attending on elitepvp forums at all the cheaters aloof about accepting aristocratic 1 every weekend and never accepting any warning.