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Am I the alone one not sitting on a dream aggregation and hundreds of bags of FIFA coins. I see a lot of 'final team' and 'this is the best aggregation I've anytime had' posts while I beam at my 30k BPL team, a bread antithesis of 20k and the memories of an complete years annual of abhorrent banking decisions.

When I explain to humans my FUT year they are baffled. I acquire fabricated from fut champs, backpack rewards, bout Coins and abstract allegedly 3 Mill at the actual least...but I acquire 2POTM Son, SBC Laca and a 175k aggregation to appearance for it.

My backpack luck was abhorrent during TOTS, absent alot on bazaar blast and "Investments"...Still acquire all 6 winnable tots though, alone use Marquinhos.

Mind me allurement what these investments were? Seems antic that you've absent 80%+ of your FIFA 18 Coins.

I absent alot advance in IF Trippier one time for a POTM and afresh an acquaint Tottenham agenda wasn't required.

I anticipate it was POTM Alli...That's just one example...Most of my Coins were absent accomplishing SBC's bro...Marquee Matchups and TOTS SBC's...lost ALOTTT accomplishing those.

And I acquire acquired a lot of of my Coins acknowledgment to MM. Of advance MM investments itself fabricated me petty banknote which I acclimated to do TOTW/OTW agreement sbc-s and I consistently did alone 2 at a time but somehow I managed to accumulation a lot.

If there's one affair I abstruse from my mistakes this year of FIFA, its that I will alone do SBC's that accord me a specific reward. Accepting Altogether Agbonlahor today alone re-enforces it.

Yeah, it wasn't that big-ticket but FFS, do I acquire to get the affliction advantage for every SBC?

The OTW SBC a little while ago gave me Niang, and the TOTY accolade for accomplishing all the SBC's gave me the colossal backpack but the best amateur I got was 84 Howedes.

On the added duke I've enjoyed application SBC Giovinco, SBC Kurzawa, and SBC Insigne.

It's massive luck to be honest, I did a lot of TOTS untraceable alliance packs to get my accepted players, heck even over bisected of my capital aggregation is untradeable.

Luck is just a baby allotment of it. I acquire two teams costing about just over 4 actor Coins total. Never spent a dime on FIFA points.

I've had some acquire backpack pulls but my backpack luck is boilerplate at best. I becoming my teams by cutting in the Weekend Alliance about every alone week. I've usually been Gold 1 with an casual Gold 2 and two Elite 3's.

Luck didn't acquire my teams. Commitment and adherence did.

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