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FIFA - How to get affidavit from EA

WL rewards unrightfully taken away, how to get affidavit from ea? Accept so a little bit of ambience I afresh played my aboriginal weekend alliance anytime not the one that just anesthetized but the one afore that cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Now i struggled the accomplished weekend through accustomed lag and acceleration up lag and could almost ability gold 3(i got it on my endure match).

Fast advanced to Thursday the 2nd if rewards are declared to bead i get a mail from EA adage that i will not accept rewards because they doubtable me of cheating.

Now I don't apperceive how they could possibly anticipate I was cheating if I almost accomplished gold 3. I beggarly I wouldn't bluff in the aboriginal abode but I don't anticipate anyone in their appropriate apperception would bluff for such a low rated finish.

So I absitively to acquaintance EA to attending in to it again, I both alleged EA and E-mailed them about it and their acknowledgment was just artlessly that they looked in to it afresh and they feel they took the actual accomplishments and that I was cheating.

Now I don't apprehend anyone to accept me that I wasn't but is there any way I can get any affidavit of this or any way for me to acquisition out what in actuality they advised cheating so this can be abhorred in the future?

This is in actuality arresting I feel like i just ashen an complete weekend of my activity that I could accept spent accomplishing abounding added things.

Recieved an email the added day adage my annual has been warned for cheating haha, I assumption that's what happens if you get top 100 in band battles, got 18/25 wins in WL too and broken already due to a virus amend bustling up and the game tabbing out.

They haven't taken my rewards from WL abroad as of yet but it they do I'm allegedly done with the game.

Honestly it fabricated me in actuality not ambition to play FUT champs anymore.

It's a complete decay of time if they can just about abolish your rewards with no affidavit of anything, too demanding to just accept that happen.

I concluded up contacting babble abutment and now im cat-and-mouse for an email afresh from the TOS aggregation to hopefully acquisition out what i did wrong.