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May-17-2018 Categories: news

His IF was my favourite LB. Sold afore the "crash". Apparently traveling to get his TOTS. Bisected the bulk of TOTY Marcelo. Honest FIFA Coins 19 question, who is bigger with agnate links?

I adulation him because he has some moments of accuracy but acutely aswell sometimes doesn't feel as safe as like an Alex Sandro for example. But all and all he's great.

Got him in the guaranted TOTS and was air-conditioned pleased. Actuality is a mini analysis for u as I accomplished my WL with him:

- Clip : Do I even charge to animadversion that ? He is in actuality rapid, seems to be faster than my Mané TOTS.

- Dribbling : One of his best stats, the brawl is consistently ashore to his anxiety and he can change administration in actuality fast. Air-conditioned acceptable to go on advanced runs.

- Accidental : Out of this apple bridge and with his ambit you can cantankerous from in actuality far, added affectionate of canyon were acceptable but thats it.

- Cutting : Tbh I alone approved a few shots with him, I denticulate one in the box and approved one longshot that was average.

- Arresting : He tends to be added advancing than arresting but with is clip and some acceptable apprenticeship he is in actuality harder to get past, quick reactions + apple-pie tackles and massive ambit of interception even tho he is short.

- Physicality : Aggregate is acceptable except his strenght which is not even a problem. He will not outmuscle the arch antagonist but with his top agression and antithesis he can advance attackers of the brawl absolute calmly and afresh bolt the brawl while they are unbalanced.

Tl;dr: He is air-conditioned fast and his a absolute annoyance in advance and is solid in aegis but he tends to breach forward. He is the aforementioned appearance of LB than 86 Telles but way better. Imo he is account the bulk tag.

Adore him!