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Feb-27-2017 Categories: news

Iv afresh been searching for admonition on how I can advance on FIFA to become an aristocratic amateur and aswell admonition on my  team. Any time I accomplish a column about this it automatically removes it and Cheap FUT Coins tells me to column in the circadian band cilia which I do and abominably I get no replys accordingly I can't get any help.

We apprehend you. The band cilia formed a bit bigger if we were smaller, but it's not as able now. We'll be alive on implementing either a alternating cilia (for fresher band building) and added incentives for architecture squads for people (flair) and we're aswell alive on alignment it so that it's easier to see who hasn't been helped and/or who has been allowance the a lot of (again, incentives).

We'd adopt not to go aback to absolution every band architecture cilia be it's own cilia because it WILL become the complete subreddit. We already feel that "THIS PLAYER or THIS ONE or THIS ONE?" is starting to become the next cutting amount of posts.We apprehend you.

I accumulate adage this sub needs added allurement to column in the circadian band thread. At atomic a appropriate ability or something. The alone way to get band admonition actuality currently is to accomplish a column and achievement you get abundant admonition afore the mods annul it which is a shame.

Iv been searching for admonition on my band aswell and had no replys in the circadian band thread... I end up watching YouTube amateur reviews and ask beat streamers for their advice.

I admiration if it would be accessible to borrow the formatting that r/fantasyfootball uses in their circadian threads. Actuality is one for example. There are two tables, one advertisement users who acquire replied the a lot of and one listing? posts that acquire beneath than 2 replies. Anniversary table is adapted every fifteen minutes. I don't apperceive annihilation about how difficult this was to implement, but it could admonition those basal commented on accoutrement a little added attention.

That's absolutely what we're discussing trying FIFA 18 Coins...In accession to alternating the accoutrement out to accomplish them fresher. It was one of the things we looked at if abacus moderators.