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Jul-05-2018 Categories: news

How does matchmaking plan in Weekend League? Im baffled... I was arena through my additional anytime weekend alliance and chock-full afterwards 25 amateur because things were accepting ridiculous. My almanac afterwards 15 amateur was 11 wins and 4 losses and I was on a ample win band for 6 games.

After this 15th game, I went on to a 10 bold accident band and all the losses were not due to any 'EAids', my opponents were artlessly outclassing me afresh and again. I messaged a few of the guys afterwards my 5 accident band and the majority were aristocratic 1/2 on boilerplate (I placed gold 3 endure week). How does matchmaking plan in this game.

I just cannot accept how I was arena humans of a agnate akin up to my 15th game, to afresh be in fact destroyed by anybody afterwards that. The teams were not even an issue, I just could not avert or advance appropriately and was accepting mirked. Of advance I can advance and 'git gud' but how is it that I am arena adjoin humans who are so abundant bigger than me consistently now?

Same affair every anniversary for me now. I alpha something like this anniversary (14-1) and afresh play adjoin top 100, aristocratic 1 and aristocratic 2 players for a while (I generally bulletin and ask with a gg message). Already I've absent abundant in a row or about in a row I get accession band of "normal" gold 1-2 akin players which I can usually exhausted and afresh it cranks up to 1000 afresh and annihilation but aristocratic 1 and 2 until I accept absent all affairs of finishing aristocratic 3 and end up on a win band of 4-5 amateur to accomplishment at 28 or 27 wins. Obviously there's some aberration on how it goes but this is the accepted bluebrint it follows every week.

Basically anybody who starts with something like 14-1 and finishes Gold 1 will face in fact altered akin of action than Gold 1 players who go abiding 2 wins 1 accident for the accomplished WL. And they get the aforementioned rewards.

Air-conditioned fucking fair system... Endure year was annihilation like this, if I started 14-1 and I consistently accomplished about aristocratic 3-2. This year not a abandoned aristocratic 3 accomplishment admitting accepting at my best 22-3.

I apperceive it sounds altogether analytic at aboriginal glance that you would be arena adjoin humans that are projected breadth you are, but that's now how it works and I'd altercate that afterwards capacity in WL breadth you abandoned play adjoin humans in that division, that's not how it should plan either.

If it formed like that, about anybody would accomplishment about 20 wins behindhand of accomplishment akin (because it doesn't absolutely plan like that, humans aren't but absolute abutting to it). The top 100 would be arena adjoin added top 100 all the time and no one would go abutting to 40-0.

Does it complete appropriate to you that I go something like 12-1, 12-2, 13-1, 13-2 etc. a lot of weeks and yet accept never hit aristocratic 3 account this fifa? I consistently end up at gold 1, yet if I play adjoin mates that hit gold 1 as able-bodied but never alpha like 13-1, it's like there's 3 capacity amid us, if I play able bathed wl Fifa they usually accept no chance.

Why are we finishing the aforementioned rank? Because I and anybody abroad who are projected to Aristocratic 1 afterwards 15ish amateur are accepting in fact altered ability of opponents for the blow of the WL, EVEN AFTER we're not anymore projected to E1 or even E2. The boilerplate ELO/skill credibility we are adverse is in fact altered to anyone traveling 2 wins 1 accident the accomplished WL.

If ranks were absitively by accomplishment points/elo, instead of wins, FIFA 18 Coins things would be always added fair. EA's NHL has this blazon of WL baronial and it's just a actor times fairer. If you exhausted chumps you get maybe 8 credibility compared to assault a top 100 amateur that gives you like 100 credibility (values pulled out of my ass but you get the picture).