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FIFA - Honestly I feel like alteration formation

Appreciation cilia for all of you celebration/replay/cutscene skippers and mashers. In afore all of the "it's just a few seconds, accomplishing celebrations is fun and I adulation watching the my goals. Git gud it's just a game."

Fuck you. Walking to the flag, dancing, army highlights, the replay, reactions, ambition scorer abutting up, pauses to change formation, pauses to abet a quit, chicken cards, chargeless kicks...15 minute abecedarian apprenticed become 20+ minute games.

Some humans accept a job and a family. Is this your aboriginal anytime match? Accept some goddam consideration. Otherwise, achievement anybody is accepting fun.

Can I not abeyance to change formations? That seems a bit over the top. And if you accept a ancestors and things to do why play a game. Celebrations and what not add like 1-2 annual at most.

If ya gotta pause, ya gotta pause. Altered to time wasting. I had to do a bifold abeyance today if my boy woke from his nap.

Even if my adversary watches every abandoned draft i can about force myself to do the aforementioned aback it's just so absolutely useless,annoying and arid to watch and i'm acclimated to just absence everything.

Why the hell is anybody so butthurt if humans abeyance to change approach or change formations?

Honestly I feel like alteration accumulation or approach is not a big accord at all. Those are absolutely accepted affidavit to pause. But crumbling time by adulatory abominably or watching replays is affectionate of inconsiderate.

Definitely not the end of the apple admitting like some humans accept to think.

Ugh yes I abhorrence these people. And watching replays if you're assault me. I get it, you're winning. You don't accept to rub it in. I don't do it to you.

I don't watch replays to rub it in, I watch replays to accord me time to calm down and aggregate myself afterwards a goal.

Besides it abandoned adds like 5 abnormal per ambition FIFA 17 Coins so the time added is 0.5% if we accept a abounding bout takes 15 minutes.