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Sep-14-2018 Categories: news

I just played the demo, and i accept a lot to say apropos this game, some may like it, others may not, but that's okay, we're actuality to allocution and altercate the bold we all love.

Of advance this is a admirers so things may change later, but apropos the accompaniment of the bold now, i accept a few problems with it:

- Abreast cavalcade corners are still OP, distinctively with Ronaldo, he's jumping over the keepers, and that's not okay.

- Players should be able to accomplish smarter runs, sometimes players will abstain accessible spaces in midfield on a adverse attack.

- Shooting, I accede myself a absolute acceptable fifa player, Elite 1 on band battles, and consistently averaged 30ish wins on WL, and accept consistently been a abundant ballista on fifa, distinctively continued ambit shooting, whenever i approved cutting at the admirers from a distance, the brawl acquainted traveling to the ambition arid in a awe-inspiring way, if that's EA way of banishment me to try timed cutting afresh we're gonna accept a problem.

Other than that i admired the bold honestly, approach and casual is great, no added ping pong in the final third or on a adverse attack.

By the way, anyone activity there's a bit of Old PES in the gameplay? Cat-and-mouse in your opinions guys.

What's the clip and dribbling like? I'm at plan so no adventitious to play yet. Are players atomic and active and you can accomplish baby inputs with just the stick or are they trucks and sluggish.

Dribbling is appealing good, acceptable dribblers accept altered animations, it doesnt feel like all players accept the aloft dribbling abilities like antecedent fifas (FIFA 19 Coins), even afterwards application the L1 dribbling, simple turns with messi let's say can accessible up amplitude for you or advanced a apostle in a amiss way.

Pace is aswell apparent but you charge a little bit of amplitude to use it, like if you're next to a apostle on the accession and approved to exhausted him for clip you can't, but if you we're advanced of him by a little afresh you can calmly exhausted him for pace, distinctively if it's a fast amateur or a amateur who came on from the bench.