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FIFA - Has in fact spun that about in 2017

I've played Ultimate Team religiously aback it came out FIFA 17 Coins, and acquire usually - admitting accepting balked - enjoyed it and not regretted it. This year has in fact spun that around.

There is so abundant they acquire added that is great, the SBC's, weekend league, it's able fun. Yet it is bedridden by the aforementioned botheration that has bedeviled the bold for years. Affiliation issues.

There is abandoned so abundant annoyance you can yield afore you just cut the source.

You can say 'Dont get mad', but balked doesn't necessarily beggarly accepting mad, my annoyance comes from not accepting able to adore the game.

Trying to adore SBC's but the laggy menu's just ruining it. Aggravating to adore weekend alliance and compete, but disconnects and sluggish, button lag ruining it.

I play this bold and it's about like you acquire four abominable amateur breadth gameplay is sluggish, laggy, or broken, afresh get one bold breadth it's fluent, and fun.

I took a breach from weekend alliance endure weekend, and it was fantastic. I just acquire no admiration to play the game.

Fast advanced and I got in fact able account rewards today, yet I still don't wish to play. The activity has just gone, there are far too abounding issues with this bold that just adumbrate the fun of FUT 17 Coins.

There are some amateur breadth aggregate feels accomplished and I can adore the game, but afresh there are amateur (on and offline) breadth my players artlessly angle still, accomplish no runs, and play terrible. It makes no sense.