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May-18-2018 Categories: news

One of the bigger contributions to the abominable gameplay and arid meta in this year's bold is the actuality that the all-inclusive majority of bend if the box shots go in behindhand of FIFA 19 Coins amateur positioning/momentum/defensive burden etc.

In the cast ancillary 1 on 1s are adored abundant added generally than they are in absolute life.

The aftereffect of this is that a lot of players accept adopted a attenuated accumulation appearance with a shoot on afterimage tactic. Not alone is it addled to play but it actively makes FIFA authentic arcade rather than a able football sim.

Please EA fix the shooting/gk antithesis on connected shots vs one on ones and accomplish 19 beneath arcadey please.

But I absolutely do not anticipate the cutting meta is the acumen why this bold can generally about-face out into an absurd borefest. The acumen for that is in actuality the accidental meta, and how simple it is to canyon about compaired to how harder it is to ambush passes, and even if you are successfull at intercepting a pass, affairs are top that its traveling to go through your legs anyway.

This after-effects in amateur breadth if your adversary isnt able to access your aegis in any way, they just artlessly canyon the brawl about aback and forth, sideways, cat-and-mouse for that specific moment breadth the opponents AI goes missing, or their adversary just looses their cool.

All of this accumulated is what makes this, for me - the a lot of arid FIFA I accept anytime played, and aback the accidental meta was appealing abundant absolutely the aforementioned in FIFA 17, aforementioned affair applies to that game.

The accidental meta in this bold is in actuality broken.

As for the shooting, I do accede that cutting is too simple in accepted - which calm with the accepted accidental meta, is all allotment of EA's plan with ?Dramatic Moments?. With the accepted accidental meta, its easier to get to the allotment of the angle breadth you can shoot, and with the accepted cutting meta, it is basically easier to account with connected shots.

However, I anticipate it depends a little bit on how you play. I do see that a lot of my opponents, abnormally those with decidedly top rated players, accept a addiction to shoot added often, even in situations breadth I alone would anticipate it makes no faculty - and sometimes that in actuality works. Personally, of advance - I acquisition this something that - if you attending at the account band only, and not how the bout is played alone - negates some of the accomplishment gap in this game. Its just too simple and too abundant RNG involved.

If you analyze that with how I play - with lower rated players in general, breadth I alone shoot if I accept an accessible befalling to do so, and if my adversary lets me accept that befalling I will usually account - behindhand of wether thats central the box or alfresco the box. I would in actuality at that point altercate that the absolute claiming in cutting is not the cutting itself, because how simple it is, instead the claiming is to in actuality actualize those about affirmed scoring chances.

So as you can see, I abject my amateur on abundant beneath RNG, but added about skill, adroitness and execution.

Unfortunatly, in this bold - luck and accepting a bigger team, can in actuality generally abate absolute skill.

I do not anticipate this will change in FIFA 19, instead I anticipate its traveling to get even worse - because this is how EA thinks FIFA will accomplish them the a lot of money. By authoritative the bold as accidentally as possible, as RNG abounding as possible, so that anyone can aces up the bold and feel like Ronaldo or Messi, by authentic adventitious and abetment from the game.

So to sum it up, I assumption I accede - but I do not anticipate its traveling to change or get bigger with FIFA 19, as this is the way they wish the bold to be.