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Aug-08-2018 Categories: news

DISCUSSION FIFA 19 On Reddit - I'm abiding by now you've all credible the annual about the new bold admission for FIFA 19 "FUT Rivals".

To me, this is absolute affair for FIFA. It offers an accessible ranked ladder system, no admission requirements and can be played at any time of any day. By all means, this seems like the absolute aggressive bold admission for FUT, except...

FUT Champs is still a thing, and that in fact worries me about what that agency for FUT Rivals. Forget what we've credible on the beat Live beck aback it's bright those rewards were for Chu to backpack the icon, and aswell agenda that Doonans mentioned that the rewards we saw possibly weren't final so they still accept ambit to change, but the actuality Champs AND Rivals will abide calm makes no sense.

Firstly, if the rewards for Rivals aren't at the actual atomic in band with rewards accessible from accepted seasons, there will be an issue. If we yield Squad Battles as a baby example, if we get into the Elite 1 rank (1% of people) it's 2x Mega Backpack & 40,000 benefit coins, paid out alone already per anniversary and bulk you about 1,700 credibility per game, if you were to play all 45.

In Seasons currently, you can acquire in Div. 1 7,500 to 15,000 coins per cycle, and you can acquire those at your will. A hardcore amateur could calmly accomplish 60,000-100,000 coins per anniversary in Analysis 1 and so I would like to achievement that Div.

1 rewards would be at atomic this calibration abnormally accustomed the actuality you will charge to acquire annual credibility to hit D1 Bank 5 through 1. For all we apperceive (as advice wasn't accustomed yet) it adeptness yield a actual top bulk of amateur to accomplish Bank 1 in a respective division.

Now we analyze this to Weekend League. If the rewards for Rivals do infact analyze to Champs in any degree, (Div 1 accepting something affiliated to Gold 1 or better) - afresh the bulk of humans arena Champs will be amusing as there would be no absolute incentive. However if the rewards on Rivals aren't as acceptable as champs (Div 1 accepting something affiliated to Gold 3 or lower) afresh what's the point in Rivals? Is it just to allay the articulate accumulation arrant out for a ranked ladder system?

I don't decidedly ambition a ranked ladder arrangement for rewards, but for the actuality of arena a fair affiliated bold anniversary day, but if the abstraction is to still carry humans into Champs, and if in actuality Accident Qualifying is aswell still run through champs then I'm absent as to the admittance of Rivals.

Having 2 aggressive systems run ancillary by ancillary makes in fact no sense. It's aswell credible from what I've credible (this could be accountable to change, as I'm basing this on abridgement of advice rather than accepting information) that the alone modes we will accept next year are as follows;

- Rivals

- Champs

- Squad Battles

- Draft

- Individual Matches

And so with no clash admission in FUT, there in fact isn't abundant for the accidental players. I alone anticipate Champs should be actually removed, Rivals should be the alone atone admission and humans authorize for contest through baronial/elo points, and Tournaments should be added aback in.

I adulation the admittance of Rivals, I anticipate it's a massively absolute footfall from EA, I'm just ultimately larboard abashed by the actuality we accept 2 aggressive online modes. I'll assets abounding judgement until we accept all the FIFA 19 Coins info, this is artlessly my initial thoughts and I'd adulation to apprehend yours.