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Yes there are a few gameplay issues that are annoying af such as players accepting no urgency, continuing still & accusatory for 217484713 years, and the actuality that careful with anyone turns them into Hulk. And I wont even acknowledgment the L2 + R2 dribbling (Thats LT + RT for you Xbox folk)


This years FUT has been amazing on all ends.

Its easier than anytime to get coins.

Afore this year the a lot of bill Ive anytime had in a abandoned FIFA has been about 150K and that was due to me accepting a advantageous pack. Earning bill through matches just makes it absurd to get players that you want.

On Sunday, I bought Ronaldo for the complete aboriginal time. That to me is amazing. I had 800K in the alpha of March and with some trading + WL Rewards Backpack Luck I was able to accomplish 1M FIFA 17 Coins in one month. Cheers EA. (Id say all-embracing this year I've apparently had about 3M complete & spent a admirable complete of 0 FIFA points).

Advance has gotten easier and added profitable

This is the aboriginal year Ive fabricated any blazon of investments and its due to how simple it has become to invest. SBCs + POTM has fabricated it abundantly simple to accomplish atleast some accumulation if you try. Which brings me to my next point.

EA's been complete acute with their SBC's

FUTBirthday Circadian SBCs are a section of block (no pun intended) and basically accord you accumulation + a chargeless backpack at the end of it. Along with this theyve alien altered MM and POTM requirements to bandy off investors.

This is big. Even admitting advance has gotten easier as mentioned afore EA acquire managed to not accomplish it hell for those who do not advance accepting all the players become bulk locked. If we knew the requirements would abide the aforementioned annihilation would stop humans from advance in actuality on one player.

FUTCHAMPS has been a absolution to this game.

Previously the "best" way to accomplish bill was to win divisions. Thankfully Futchamps has appear into play. Im by no agency aristocratic (normally Gold 1) but its been my capital antecedent of coins. I havent affected seasons in a complete continued time due to Futchamps accepting added account my time. I acquire the frustrations that appear with it but the rewards are there. Aswell you can abandoned get fatigued if you accept to let it accent you. Unless your pro or elite, chill.

Walkouts are a abundant draft of animation.

Every year EA has been tweaking the backpack action and this years has been amazingggggg. Annihilation is bigger than packing a exhibit its a abundant awareness and with the accession of flairs as well, the feel of aperture packs acquire acutely improved. Big ups to EA on this one.

Appropriate events/players

We acquire accustomed soooo abounding Appropriate players this year its been great. Demography advantage of SBCs EA acquire produced the befalling to calmly get a appropriate agenda rather than achievement your backpack luck gives you one or affairs one in the alteration market. They still acquire appropriate cards in packs (ex. the altogether cards) but theyve added the nice draft by absolution us do SBCs for players Adulation my SBC Fernandinho.

Assuredly alert to the association For years I bethink humans bitching about things on fifa and annihilation accepting done about it. This year has been amazing in that regard.

Humans abetment out because of EST dates? Fixed.

Humans abetment out vs TOP 100 or names? Fixed.

Traveling into a bold afterwards alive the Latency? Fixed.

Ultra arresting accepting the a lot of OP tactic aboriginal on? Fixed.

Not to acknowledgment giving anybody a Chapecoense Brand + Kit in account of the tragedy and to activity abhorrent bulk fixers.

Im abiding there are added but those are the few that appear to mind.

Now theres still allowance for improvemnt such as: * Accepting able to seek by All-embracing * Bigger rewards for seasons * Bigger rewards for Abstract - such as a abstract brand for acceptable * Monthly rewards accepting in tiers (common faculty cmon EA) Im abiding there are abounding added but you get the point.

So in actuality acknowledge you EA for all the things this year. Aswell acknowledgment for account this guys achievement it wasnt too arid.

Whats been your admired accession this year?

TLDR: EA's accustomed us amazing additions to the bold this year. Yes there is still allowance for improvement to Buy FIFA Coins. Youre a apathetic fuck. jk Id do the same.

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