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FIFA - Football as an esport will happen

Professional FIFA amateur for Roma wins a WL bold 4-2 and still receives a loss.Actually, there was a agnate cavalcade 8 canicule ago, but that one was logically deductable while this one isn't. The added one concluded 3-3 afore the own goal, went to ET and adapted afterwards the side-swapping the ambition was counted. Therefore, the brawl that was about to go through the player's own ambition got into his opponent's.

However, in this case there's no analytic approach that could explain him accepting in disadvantage, because even if the bold took the ambition as if it was denticulate adjoin him, the bold would've concluded in a draw and gone beeline to the added time.

Football as an esport will happen. But if ea doesn't up their bold anyone abroad will accomplish the esport adaptation of football.EA doesn't charge to up their game. They own the licenses and apperceive we accept boilerplate abroad to go. It's b.s but we're all their bitches until added notice.

Licenses aren't all-important for a bold to plan as an esport. Proper esport arena would apparently advertise at atomic as abounding copies as the Fifa akin licensing, if anyone could cull it off.It's about astonishing how FIFA deals with disconnections.

I apperceive that it's something that can be catchy to solve, but man...With all that, it's unexcusable.

I like the game, the gameplay is alarming (need some antithesis in a lot of areas but is still a acceptable game). But accident by DC, not counting your W afterwards a DC, etc. Appear on EA!

My assumption as a amateur tester would be that the moment the ambition went in was the exact moment the server ticked over the abounding time point. Maybe at that moment the bold doesn't apperceive which ambition is castigation and which is your opponents, acceptation that because it was technically an own goal, your adversary accustomed the goal, rather than you, as it was his amateur putting the brawl into an unassigned net, so FIFA assumes he was scoring a goal.

But afresh afresh I could be in actuality wrong, and something like this would be acutely harder to carbon unless you accept alter tools. If I had to assumption it's not gonna be accessible to repro unless you get the aforementioned lag fasten abutting to the end of FIFA 18 Coins, as that looks like what confuses the server.