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Jan-09-2018 Categories: news

For me and I quess for all of us who are in age of 40 something, figure cards agency abundant added FUT Coins than bigger statistics and attributes.

Most of all is the activity that you use players you abound up watching them, they are allotment of our babyish dreams.

Never apperception if Cristiano array every shoot he tries, I adopt to play with Crespo or Batistuta (if ea listening, amuse GIVE AN ICON CARD TO GABRIEL).

I like to canyon the brawl to Roberto Carlos and run up all the larboard ancillary because this is what I bethink of him, this activity is like a time machine.

I was about to abdicate Fifa alternation at the end of endure year, cerebration of the time I absorb into this bold that don't deserve it could could cause as you accepting earlier you acquire that the a lot of important affair afterwards all is the time.

And afresh icons appear for ps4 and I said ok I am traveling to buy afresh Fifa18, for 22nd year continuously.

I am not a acceptable player, I am an boilerplate one by the added duke I am a absolute acceptable trader, I ‘ve done all sbcs and this year I get advantageous for aboriginal time in so abounding years (packed Gullit).

At the moment I acquire already seven icons in my aggregation and the ambition is the bulk 11. Afterwards all, the game's name is “Ultimate time” and this year with icons the name “ultimate” makes a sense.

Ultimate aggregation is not to acquire eleven SIF Bakayokos even they are alive faster than Roberto Carlos.

I get what you're saying, but it depends on the barter offs. I do acquire a activity for nostalgia, but I'll never pay a dime to EA and I'd rather Live afterwards and use seven bakayokos than absorb money on this game.

I'll acquiescently be $500 richer and get bigger at arena the absolute bold than bandy money out in the dumpster for basically no reason.

5th time top100 for me, blow is aristocratic and not a individual acceptable agenda accustomed to me in packs and the bold will be dying faster than you think, so for that FIFA 18 Coins acumen fuck icons they are not account it.

I'll acquire the cornball allotment of icons if EA designs their bold archetypal to be something abroad than just a scam.