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FIFA - FIFA has become absolutely unplayable

Since I've confused abroad from the US a brace of months ago, the bold has become absolutely unplayable. The ascribe adjournment in WL is so awful I just don't wish to decay my time and activity anymore.

So It's time to accord aback to the FIFA 18 Coins community.

I accept:

Tots Thiago Silva - 38,500 Tots Carvajal - 21,750 88 David Luis - 14,500 88 Casemiro- 10,750 85 Saul - 10,500 91 Isco- 15,000 NIF Suarez - 28,000 NIF Bale - 31,250 NIF Neymar - 35,750 Tots Subasic - 22,000 85 Tevez - 10,500

I'll be advertisement them all for min BIN at 11pm UK time, in this order, 5 account apart.

I will afresh advance to do a backpack suicide, and account on accessible bids all the players I get, hopefully this will advice humans do some SBCs.

If any top rated players appear up, I'll column in the comments with times to be listed at mon BIN.

Please animadversion below, so I apperceive I accept adolescent Redditors waiting, with the players you'd like. I don't apperception accomplishing this afresh tomorrow if there aren't abundant humans absent those.


Edit: oops, Filipe Luiz. Not David.

Also will account them for 3 hours. That should advice adjoin the bots.

Edit 2: I've added min prices to the post, min bin should be about a 1000 bill added or so, to advice with the snipe.

Edit 3: Check my animadversion beneath for allotment 2.

OP, you are alarming for accomplishing this, but my affection hates you aback I saw every abandoned one, but didn't get any. That's like accepting 15 shots on ambition and your adversary wins 1-0 off an aidz goal.

Or like accepting affronted at 90 mins in a need-to-win Divisions match, and afresh sending a through ball...And afresh the ref alarming the bold over.

Thats how my affection feels, there was a moment of achievement and afresh alarming disappointment with every "Sorry, this advertisement has expired".

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