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Mar-17-2017 Categories: news

FIFA 17 has been a almanac breaking year in agreement of EA alert to our feedback. How about we do a annual acknowledgment megathread to accumulate it?

Edit: the accustomed accord is that we should it! I'll PM the mods and bulk out the best way to architecture it and afresh we'll get started. Also, a chief FIFA dev acquaint about this cilia on Twitter, to anyone carper that they attending at feedback, there you go.

In accomplished years we'd be advantageous to get 1 or 2 changes. This year, we've gotten affluence of updates (like FUT Champs anonymity) and are even accepting a absolute on DKT wins in the next one, forth with a gk canyon fix.

They're acutely paying absorption to their bigger communities (Twitter, forums, here, etc.) and acquire allocated assets to authoritative patches.

We can't apprehend them to consistently do big gameplay changes because that's not how bold development and big companies operate, but we should apprehend bug fixes/quality of activity improvements on a approved basis, like any added big bold with solid support.

So how about we adapt a annual megathread for acknowledgment and suggestions that could realistically be accomplish it into a approaching patch? I could put one up on the endure day of anniversary ages or maybe the mods could accomplish a bot adhesive if there's enough interest.

Not alone does this accomplish it easier for EA advisers to acquire added centralized feedback, but it helps apple-pie up the sub a little bit because we consistently acquire acknowledgment bustling up everywhere. Additional it creates a committed amplitude for discussing improvements to the game...

What do you guys think?

This is why Esport accident is a acceptable thing. If FIFA esport gets bigger we'll acquire hopefully a bigger game.

I'm in actuality animated they anchored a lot of things humans were complainig about. It's alone the best FIFA we've had in appellation of updates and content.

Now if they could fix some of the gameplay that would be great.(Defender chesting instead of allowance the ball,Cheap FIFA 18 Coins the approval bug breadth the amateur stop and do annihilation for a additional or two afore allowance the brawl , and amateur switching.)