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Mar-09-2018 Categories: news

If we accomplish some memes of how bad the AI and scripting is, bits will go viral, bits will become accepted and maybe, just maybe it adeptness hardly accomplish EA change the scripted bits that happens if your goalkeepers easily bandage aback 180* in adjustment to let that assurance go in. Or if Bakayokos leg break itself in 20 altered places to ambush your pass.

EA don't care, us humans who play circadian are 5% of the user base, added humans are arena this bold afresh anytime afore and sales go up anniversary year so why would they focus on adorable the die harder admirers if they are affirmed to accomplish even added money next year?

Other amateur do not acquire the affluence and acquire to accept to the admirers but EA apperceive we will buy Fifa 19 behindhand of how bad the servers are or what the AI are accomplishing in SB etc, absolute sad but true.

The casuals who play at the weekends or already a anniversary adulation this bold and will abide to buy it but us actuality who play so abundant see all the flaws in the bold that charge fixed.

FIFA has consistently had babble accepting in it but it feels like FIFA 18 has even added than normal. There's so abundant torn accepting in gameplay that needs fixing. Like the added day I played a through brawl to my striker, he was offside but it went to my opponents babysitter anyhow so the ref played on.

The babysitter afresh formed the brawl out to his CB, my striker tackled the apostle and the ref afresh gave offside for the beforehand pass. That's not even the aphorism ffs, and it takes the piss that they allocution about how astute FIFA is and they acutely can't be arsed to get the absolute offside aphorism correct.

Another archetype was my opponents babysitter rushed out of his box to bright a brawl that went out for a bandy in, my amateur was already next to the brawl so I went to do a quick bandy whilst the babysitter was out of his box, and the bold physically wouldn't let me bandy the brawl to he was aback on his line. Don't even get me started on the connected 45 and 90 minute goals or the scoring beeline from bang off.

Been a FIFA amateur aback 2000 and I candidly don't anticipate I'm traveling to buy it next year because all their accomplishment seems to go into ultimate aggregation and not the absolute gameplay.

But I anticipate memes could be a way of extensive through to the accidental fifa players that don't absolutely affliction about fifa alfresco of in actuality arena it (they're not on amusing media talking about fifa).

If able fifa memes became a affair with those IG accounts such as trollfootball, ladbible and 433 or whatever they're called, the issues with the bold would be apparent to the masses, FIFA 18 Coins abnormally the kids that buy this bold and buy FP blindly.