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Feb-25-2017 Categories: news

I've a acquaintance -I fucking affirm it's a acquaintance lol- who bankrupt his FIFA 13 or 14 disc, and went beeline to the boutique to get a new one. And I apperceive he paid it with his own money,Buy FIFA Coins but some humans can't just accommodate the rage.

But yeah, I would accede with you that it's added acceptable that this appear with humans who don't accept to advance their own time in accepting money.

Broke both my 13 and 14 bold cases. Shattered the fuck out of 14 abreast the end. I couldnt yield absolute Ibarbo anymore.

Last one ive purchased as well. EA is such a fucking abasement to their association and authoritative amateur overall. DICE is their alone close that gets what humans like. Granted they fuck up on acceptable promises (Mirrors Edge Catalyst, battlefield hardline).

I bethink if Pukki was the a lot of baffled amateur on the bold (fifa 14/15?) Denticulate a hattrick into my accompany abounding IF aggregation and he airtight his disc.

I don't get why humans do this. Just abdicate arena and leave the disc over there. You may ambition to play some h2h with a acquaintance some time and you will not be able to just because you bankrupt the deejay while pissed off.

It's funny how you so calmly can see how he bankrupt the disc with the deride on the little allotment and the added fingers in the adverse administration on the beyond part.

Made a acquainted accommodation about a anniversary ago (week agoooo) to apprentice to alpha absolution things go, not alone in fifa but in activity in general. Bygone I played a bold area I had about 12 shots and my adversary had just 1...His Butland was making antic saves...

Come 117th min my ambler and smalling bang and could could cause an own goal. I giggled a bit, alike and absent on pens. The old me would've bankrupt the controller.. but now? It's just a game of FIFA Coins 17... a anniversary from today you wouldn't even bethink that matchup you lost.

Why would you go into added time with an english aggregation yesterday? Not mocking, in actuality curious? Coz for ET to appear you accept to be in the DKT or the WL both of which accept added requirements.