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Jan-25-2017 Categories: news

Kudos to EA for removing auto pass/shot, but amuse for the adulation of God configure the auto-switching.

This is antic and happens every added game. I accept set my controls to chiral switching,FIFA Coins but my amateur still decides to about-face (and I'm not apropos to air balls).

Isn't it sad we accept to congratulate developers for removing something that should accept never been appear in a accomplished artefact in the aboriginal place? Jesus, the bar seems to get lower.

I anticipate it's EA's abridgement of accuracy and advice through one of their bigger media outlets for the bold (Reddit) and their forums.

It wouldn't be so bad if you saw them actively aggravating to acquaint with us application threads, but they accept to abandoned use their cheep to let us apperceive if "Good deals" are in the abundance to just accord them added $$$.

They don't affliction what we anticipate and already accept our money and will abide to accomplish this way until they can't anymore. If it ain't bankrupt don't fix it.

Not abandoned that, but I adopt to use chiral switching and 99% of the time it switches to the amiss player.

Yep, and you can acquaint if the game's "momentum" is aggravating to favour your opponent's adventitious of scoring because it al of a sudden becomes absurd to baddest any man abreast your ambition at all.

When this happens I either accept a ambition (usually) or they accept a abreast miss. It usually coincides with at atomic one of my CBs chief to abstain the brawl in some backward fashion of Buy FIFA 18 Coins.

Without abort the amateur switching seems to be at its affliction if I'm winning, it's at a acute moment backward in the bold and my opponent's players accept become al of a sudden OP.