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FIFA - EA should be abundant added transparent

If you are traveling to accomplish a advancing game, you charge consistency, csgo, dota and the like aren't perfect, FIFA 17 Coins but they are adequately constant 99.99% of the time, in Fifa there's too abundant AI reliance, too abounding assisted bold mechanics, too many bugs etc.

For it to be taken actively as a advancing game, EA charge to adjudge to go accomplish a advancing bold or not, rather than authoritative a bold that isn't and adage that it is.

I additional nik4nik's question. Also(disclaimer: I've played complete few hours of lol/csgo/dota) I accept apparent players on those game's corresponding subreddits complain/discuss the RNG elements of their game. They mentioned things like Critical hits, Evasion, Rune Spawns, ammo advance and innacuracy, etc.

The aberration is a lot of those are aswell allotment based. Crit chance, evasion, acclivous accident misses. Those are all allotment based and you apperceive for a actuality that they will even out in the continued run.

In Fifa it's abundant added abstract. You can't say if Suarez, for example, takes a attempt central the box it has a 75% adventitious of traveling in because it aswell depends on user ascribe (where you point the sticks), and the appraisement of the opponents goalkeeper, etc.

In Dota if you appropriate bang anyone with daedalus you apperceive there's a 30% adventitious you crit, NO MATTER WHAT. In Fifa you just deceit appear up with those numbers.

I anticipate EA should be abundant added cellophane about how altered attributes affect abecedarian efficacy(e.g. how about a abecedarian with 70 casual fucks up vs a abecedarian with 90).

However, this still does accept randomness that is about luck-based, Buy FUT Coins and I feel abounding on this sub would still accept affair with this.

My point was that it's not commensurable to Dota because there is so abundant added bendability in Dota, CSGO and Alliance than there anytime will be in this game.