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Jun-30-2017 Categories: news

I feel like the affairs of packing a Ronaldo or Messi are bigger than this. EA Should absolutely college the weights of tokens because aperture packs and Buy FIFA 17 Coins alive that there's in actuality a about big adventitious of accepting a abstract badge which could aftereffect in even added and bigger packs and potentially bigger players would accomplish the acquaintance of aperture packs a lot added fun.

Idk if you guys will like this but I've arranged Ronaldo and not a abstract token.

Especially with abstract giving anybody a chargeless badge with aristocratic 3 or one of the gold ranks in the weekend alliance will admonition accession its acceptance and accord humans something to do during the weekdays.

The affairs are bigger to backpack a TOTS Ronaldo than this.

I arranged like 20 walkouts this year, still cat-and-mouse on my aboriginal abstract badge aback it was alien like 21 months ago.

Ur cogent me u haven't done one of those tots sbcs? Had exams so wasn't absolutely on fifa that much.

Well achievement u backpack Ronaldo through the abstract afresh to accolade u from constant those exams.

How do you administer to not backpack a amateur account over 8k aback january?

Lmao at all the humans adage there's a college adventitious to backpack Messi and Ronaldo than this. I've arranged 4 of these this year and no amateur with a abject gold agenda over 89.

Alternatively, i've arranged so abounding acceptable players this year and yet I haven't arranged a individual abstract token.

I've arranged absolutely a few acceptable players, I'm just adage I haven't arranged anyone in the Ronaldo/Messi/Neymar/Suarez tier.