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FIFA - EA gave Thiago his priorities

I just absent the Div 1 Appellation because Thiago Silva wiped diaphoresis off his head.Was 3-2 up and bare the abounding 3 to get the title, Silva fabricated a abhorrent and the bold gave him a quick chargeless kick, as he's about to yield it my cursor is on Thiago to try and Buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins mark Neymar but nope.

EA gave Thiago his priorities and fuck me did he stick to them, he did not alternate to clean his arch chargeless of diaphoresis and avoid the through brawl cat-and-mouse for Neymar. God absolve you EA.

The apish "take ascendancy from the accepting and force all aggregation players to angle about for a few seconds" afterwards any abeyance is one of the a lot of infuriating and baffling inclusions in this game.

I see a lot of complaints about FIFA on this appointment but annihilation gets me in actuality like this one does. It's the aboriginal time I've anytime lost/drew a bold from the affair and god did it accomplish me wish to dive arch aboriginal out of a window.

Don't dive out of a window arch aboriginal you'll in actuality aching yourself. Jump out commonly that way you'll accept a bigger adventitious of landing on your feet. Unless your a cat afresh arch aboriginal all the way.

Said it in accession thread, the authentic EAides is the little animations you are affected into and accept no ascendancy of. Defenders accepting meged, that brainless one leg up affair they do that's a apologetic advance at a block etc.

That apathetic leg action causes so abounding pens too, because humans accept continued aback angry if your players' leg alcove them.

I consistently run a amateur in foreground of the brawl to stop the quick chargeless kick. Just like with alpha it seems that FIFA 18 Coins players are abashed about their assignments and don't apperceive which amateur to mark.