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FIFA - EA asked me for a UOTrace

Every bout al of a sudden shows red bar access (since patch)...So basically the appellation says it all. Anytime aback the PS4 application EVERY individual time I get commutual with anyone it shows the affiliation as red bars...Before you say its my internet connection...Its not.

Every added bold is altogether accomplished and tbh if I access the bout its altogether smooth, no lag at all...I wouldn't be accusatory because hey...A red bar bright doesn't appearance me...Its just absurd to play a bout because anybody keeps abandonment out cerebration its a abhorrent connection. Anyone else? Solutions?

I brought up this affair with them, and in accession I am accepting torn from every bold I am able to get into.

They asked me for a UOTrace, I said 'I apperceive you are searching for packet loss, I don't acquire any and my ping is fine."

EA - "We understand".

So I forward my traceroute in anyway. You apperceive what they say? You don't acquire packet loss, so they don't acquire an answer, actuality is an untradeable 5k pack. The bold is unplayable for me. Not like, "hey this sucks but i will beam and buck it."

No, I in actuality can't play the game.

You got a pack! Bugger off hahaha...I contacted them and they started cogent me to accessible ports on my router... Like no fuck off, I never bare "ports open" afore their shitty patch. - I asked them why I would al of a sudden charge to do this and they chock-full replying. They just beatific through an automatic bulletin adage "We achievement we apparent your problem, how annoyed were you with our service?"

I heard anyone on actuality say once, 'First apple problems crave aboriginal apple chump service". I am blessed these association in India acquire this job, but the actuality they don't acquire a alternation of command that they can bang you up if they don't apperceive what you are talking about, is fucking infuriating.

Its artlessly because those humans abandoned plan for EA, they acquire annihilation to do with the development or how the bold works... So if the bold is torn and Buy Fut 18 Coins (which in this case it is), they deceit acquire that so they just avoid you and move on to somebody else's problem.