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FIFA - EA allows the able-bodied accepted players and streamers

Why do humans anticipate the bold decides the aftereffect of the game, that is complete bullshit. I've never heard such rubbish, the affair is every time humans lose they say that so they anticipate "I'm not bad, it's just the game" so they don't feel bad. I accept the added issues able I sometimes get it myself.

As declared - the scripting is so bad that I can't even adore a win aback a lot of the time I can see my opponent's been fucked over by some AI nonsense. It's abundant abundant added than an ‘oh you're artlessly balked because you lost' issue.

But is it? there's no way EA adjudge the aftereffect of a game, how would a pro do 40-0, EA would not let him win 40-0 times it makes no sense.

I'm not adage there's an complete accepting active by EA to actuate the aftereffect of amateur in real-time, but i'm in actuality assertive that there's some array of algorithm based on who knows what that furnishings the in-game "sliders" as the community seems to accept labelled it.

Lets say, for arguments sake, that there is some anatomy of in-game abetment traveling on in adjustment to drive up backpack purchases and extend the play time you put in or whatever. EA apperceive that opinions will bound amplitude if the humans that are known and watched by bags alpha acquainted it too.

It's not in actuality alfresco the realms of possibly that EA allows the able-bodied accepted players and streamers that duke over hundreds if not bags a ages for packs to play the bold with basal arrest while continuing to arse-fuck the boilerplate Joe that plays the game.

That's just batshit crazy. This sub gets worse and worse anniversary year. Just to accompany you aback to absoluteness a little bit, there are a huge amoung of players with amazing win ratios that are neither ytbers or affilliated with EA or any added platform that makes them visible.

Maybe if you play abundant you're able to apprentice how the sliders plan and advance them to go in your favour at acute times. Maybe it comes down to how abundant money you inject into FUT and it's as simple as that.

I don't accept the answer, but something basal is traveling on during the boilerplate game. It's bright just by the aggregate of humans that apprehension it.

I'm just adage both are in actuality possible, FIFA 18 Coins and I wouldn't put it able EA manipulating its barter like that.