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FIFA - Coming to FIFA 18

Ha i adulation this accomplished new figure affair rather than legends I admiration if it was a workaround for accepting them on PS4, Ive never arranged a legend, endemic one or apparently will never either!

Wish Ronaldinho came up was a bit annoyed.. so abounding accessible legends I achievement they absolution more.

Henry will be incredible, I can see him getting absolutely like Martial from this year, so OP.....and that acumen shot....wow.

As a PS4 player, I am so active for Icons, however, I can brainstorm on the PS4 they will be even added aggrandized in amount due to the hype.

On addition note, I anticipate they did change a brace of stats on legends a year or two ago, but it was alone accessory changes.

I doubtable they will never accord Shearer the 80+ acceleration he deserves... as I was beneath the consequence legends accept their stats from getting 'in their prime'.

LOL, couldn't advice but comment, you accept an amazing mega aggregation this year, and I could be wrong, but I accept a ambiguous anamnesis you said Kyle Walker at RB TOTS agenda wasn't that abundant for

300k+ coins, but you accept the bill animadversion about so you 'may as able-bodied accumulate him.

In reality, Henry should be arch and amateur aloft Martial and he wouldnt even accept appear to apperception in my thoughts on Henry.

I admiration what it is they do in the aback end with all these OP players....Butland, Smalling, Musa, Martial etc...Wonder who the equivalents will be in fifa 18.

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