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FIFA - Cards accept the aforementioned stats

I was cerebration about this today, accepted it wasn't a fleshed out thought, but why can't there be assorted altered Cheap FIFA 17 Coins cards for players who play altered positions. Agnate to how the formations acclimated to plan on cards in beforehand FIFA's you could accept a CAM Payet who would be annual far added than say the LM adaptation due to his desirability.

The abandoned aberration accepting there were accumulation modifiers for these cards which accustomed for prices to adapt and gave some simple trading opportunities.

Cards accept the aforementioned stats, so it's not if they absolution upgrades and change a position. They could even accept altered agenda weights so the added adorable position wasn't as calmly achievable through packs?

Like I said, not in actuality fleshed out so there could be a in actuality accessible downside to this abstraction that I haven't anticipation of.

Something I've consistently wondered is why there aren't LM/RM to LAM/RAM cards, that way you can play a amateur like Payet at Cam, but maybe abandoned on 7/8 chemistry. There are formations that in bold appearance lam/ram positions but they appear up as cam in the ultimate aggregation formations.

You don't even allegation new cards:

1,LF has 7 allure on ST/CF

2,LM has 7 allure on CM

3,Now accord LW 7 allure on CAM

PES-MyClub has no Allure to plan around...And you see complete all-embracing changes in commendations to the new position.

Example 93 Messi deliver at SS is a 94 at AMF.I own both amateur and abundant adopt PES MyClub to the FUT model. Abiding in FUT you can buy a amateur at will and in PES its luck , but it armament you to apprentice the way assorted players move. It also is added in abyss tactically.Everyone should at atomic try it.