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Feb-19-2017 Categories: news

FIFA went on to penalties there were arrows for the atom bang and the guy looked abaft to the big awning to see the administration of the amends and Buy FIFA Coins adored it afore they absitively to abolish arrows. 'competitive game' they can't even stop cheating if it happens in foreground of their faces.

It is nonetheless still cheating. The actuality that the arrows were removed afterwards he looked over his accept to the big awning shows that ea were somewhat acquainted of this but bootless to do annihilation apropos chastening him.

At the absolute atomic they could accept re-run the shootout.It's not cheating if there is no aphorism adjoin it.

I'm abiding there's no aphorism adjoin shitting in your duke and throwing it at your adversary but you'd still get butterfingers for it.

But why should the added amateur get an advantage with the arrow? What is the accord with the arrow why does it alone plan sometimes?

This one, I think, isn't about accepting the arrow or not. This is about one of the players in fact axis about from their game, to see breadth the added amateur is pointing their arrow, on the big screen.

Are you accepting carefully arrogant or what? Candidly just such a awe-inspiring tone, are you adopted or? But yeah I still anticipate if he wants to use the arrow and the added guy couldn't able-bodied afresh why should he get the accessible advantage and that him blockage the awning is fair enough.

Can anyone affirm this? I acquisition this harder to believe. There is annihilation mentioned about this in the megathread.The had the cameras acicular at the players and you could see the guy on the appropriate aboveboard searching at the big screen.

Oh I see, I affectionate of apprehend it wrong. I just saw a bold with Lucas (or something like that) play adjoin a abbreviate kid, with glasses and a blooming kit. And Lucas had the arrows on and FIFA 18 Coins for all of his amends shots, his adversary estimated right!!!

I was like wait, this is just abominable unlikely. Seemed absolutely suspicious.