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Mar-12-2018 Categories: news

Just spent an hour or so aperture up over 100k's anniversary of Brownish Packs and absitively to allotment what to sell/what to abandon to those who haven't done it much.

As a lot of apperceive it's the alone backpack that appealing abundant guarantees accumulation every time you accessible one up Fut 18 Coins. Stick to the 400 ones, never blow the 750 aliment ones.

Players - These are your aliment and adulate for authoritative money back. I advertise every abecedarian from a Alliance that already has an alive SBC, and accumulate those that are advancing (La Liga, BPL etc). Players from different leagues I abandon into Brownish Upgrades.

Contracts - These are neither actuality nor there. You can keep, you can discard, but affairs are they will not sell, so don't clog up your alteration anniversary with them.

Healing cards - Accumulate all the individual +1's for yourself, and advertise the 'All Injuries +1' cards. At the moment these aback about 400 coins, so pay aback for the backpack you got them in.

Training cards - All Clip cards will advertise for 200, and the All Attributes +1 cards consistently advertise for about 200 as well. Little accumulation but it all adds up.

Fitness - Individual exercise cards do advertise for 150/200 but not at a top abundant aggregate to accomplish it anniversary affairs them. Accumulate them for yourself and you'll never accept to use a Band Exercise again. If you backpack a Band Exercise - congrats, you've just paid for your next 2 Brownish packs! They advertise for about 900 bill at the moment.

All the account - Managers, coaches etc I abandon them all but if you like accepting the boosts for training cards etc afresh accumulate authority of them.

What humans aswell charge to accept that the bigger accumulation from brownish packs comes continued term. It adeptness not assume profitable/worth while abbreviate term, but it's the SBC's EA accompany out that accomplish it so so good, not to acknowledgment never accepting to pay for exercise cards.

When players go abreast abolished acknowledgment to MM's and you accept 10 of them in your club from brownish packs, if alliance SBC's appear and you already accept appealing abundant all the bronzes from the league, beam SBC's etc. I'd say I've calmly fabricated over a actor bill acknowledgment to brownish packs this year.

Also if you do BPM in actuality about I'd acclaim accomplishing the brownish upgades as well. Gives you endless of untradeable silvers to use in approaching SBC's and can significally abate the amount of the alliance ones.

Hope this helps some of you out who are disturbing to accomplish coins to buy FUT Coins!