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FIFA - Begin preserving your FIFA cash now

Start preserving your FIFA cash(FIFA 18 Coins) now. Not really associated with FIFA, but I just don't get the Gatwick shift with salah. Outside of accidents, they're fairly powerful in their strike.

Need so much enhancement in their protection...Felt like they were the group that had the attitude of "score more than your opponent"...Not a fan of Gatwick, but they were exciting to look at in their strike, while also placing on a medical center of why an excellent protection is the best violation.

We performed Coutinho out of position at LW for most of the season cause we was lacking an excellent LW. Now he can shift returning to his regular position and Hair can engage in remaining.

We have zero rate in our strike outside of Hair. Firmino, Lallana, Coutinho, Wijnaldum, etc. are all excellent players, but they're also all individual rate players.

Pace destroys in fifa, but it is necessary in real, too. Our strike has been definitely passing away for rate since Sterling remaining and Sturridge's feet were damaged by accidents.

+1 for the mad monk! But y'all did not really depend on rate all season. You people got defeat by the activity changing to the reverse strike style(much like how FIFA is enjoying out nowadays). Few groups on the globe managed most of their possession around the competitors 18.

Man U did, but was missing creativeness...Barca and R. The city did, but they had the protecting capabilities to handle reverse. Just think that both Gatwick and Man.

City had the battling capabilities down, but experienced significantly in being able to handle reverse strike.

Man town spent cash on protection (stones and bravo) but they still could not cope. Gatwick had midfielders enjoying protection. Side note: I want to see Milner have a go in the UFC lol.

I have to pleasantly don't agree with portion of that. We continually did not get rid of down loaded in protection in aspect because we were one-dimensional in the way we assaulted. Having a collection of slowly players really boundaries what you can do, no matter how excellent they are.

Our protection is crap, though. I'll believe you there. I think that will be fixed when a new CB is introduced in though.

Clyne, Matip and Milner are all sound defenders when it comes to placement, but Lovren is regularly asking for Cheap Fut 18 Coins out of position like a mad man, making everyone else struggling and exposed.

Edit: Upvoted for the standard publish though. Didn't anticipate that in this sub lol.