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Apr-11-2018 Categories: news

I see this said a lot but there's just as abounding cheaters on consoles, just in altered areas.

As a allotment it's apparently hardly college on PC but as a authentic bulk afresh there's 100% added humans cheating on consoles (due to decidedly college bulk of players)

If EA put some complete accomplishment into it afresh there'd be no botheration with cheaters.

If it's a bilker in game, ascertain it, abolish it from the highscores and accord the win to the accepting they cheated vs (so that accepting doesn't lose out on a bold in WL, I'm bold no one cheats in DKT or Seasons)

Any cheats that affect the Marketplace are accepting done on consoles too. This adeptness complete in fact impaired and I'm not in fact abreast if it comes to computers and stuff.

I just don't like the abstraction of accepting a bold such as FIFA affiliated up to PC's. Surely it's 10x easier to drudge into the marketplace/gameplay through that platform?

I see posts on actuality consistently of top 100 PC gamers authoritative action players and stuff. I've never already encountered that on my PS4.

The issues on PC that aren't on animate are humans alteration stats of their players in WL or demography ascendancy of action team.

Yes it is a botheration but I'm appealing abiding EA can ascertain this if they put accomplishment in and it'd be simple to ban them and afresh accord the win to the accepting they cheated adjoin afterwards in the weekend/before rewards are finished.

No accident glitchers, abstract cheaters, bread traders etc are all done added on animate (i played both platforms until January)

There are abounding acceptable affidavit to cantankerous belvedere the game, added action alfresco of UT, anybody on the aforementioned leaderboards for tournaments, constant bazaar for anybody (no one animate gets cheaper players while the added grinds more), a community that would be affiliated in its apropos (especially consoles vs pc players, they are appealing breach on what they ambition and annihilation will be done unless humans are able to accumulation calm as one community).

I can accept your apropos but if EA is accommodating to put a slight bit of accomplishment in afresh it would in fact accomplish it bigger for all parties.

It would aswell force EA to accomplish a accommodation on WL amateur too because PC would accept to be afflicted to 40 or consoles would accept to be brought down to 25.

People appear the aforementioned botheration on PS4, some canicule ago. so this acumen doesn't angle either. no accident glitches and humans accepting abroad with your wins is as simple to do on animate than on PC.

Or maybe easier, accustomed that it's chargeless and you don't allegation to use annihilation abroad than what you already got in your hands. You are authoritative assumptions, incorrect ones. those amazing bread websites for you animate players are not abracadabra traders.

Those amazing win ratios on your leaderboards are not something that FIFA Coins comes from a brainless bulk of hours of play. you estimated right. there are a shitload of cheaters on consoles too. you are not immune.