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90% of goals I accept are from defenders accepting dispossessed. There's no point practicing defending, because as anon as you time a absolute tackle, the brawl bundles aback to the antagonist and they're through on FIFA 17 Coins goal.

Or you move your apostle to achieve a block, and the brawl hits off their bottom appropriate arise an attacker.

It's unfunny how abounding times this happens. Nearly already every game. Is there any way to abate this happening?

For me it's if you win it with a absolute accouterment and the brawl is at your defenders feet, you see addition antagonist closing in so columnist pass.

But for some acumen the bold doesn't let you do annihilation (no amount how abundant you spam pass) for about 1/2 a added and the antagonist just runs and takes the brawl off you and is through on goal.

It's so god accursed annoying. It's consistently Martial,Son or Dybala who does it aswell. There absolutely needs to be a adjournment on how bound assiduously home in on a apostle if they accept the ball.

The authentic abhorrence of this bearings is that the ST will still be "locked onto" the ball, so to speak, and yet your AI defenders will NEVER move adjoin the afar ball.

Thus, you are ashore with the apostle who is still in the accouterment animation.

You are consistently bigger off abrogation CB ascendancy to the AI and aggravating to dart aback with your CDM. The abandoned affair you can do with the CB is fuck things up.

Or if one of the wingbacks decides to be a centre aback and just my opponents aigrette or aggressive in a sea of space.

Yep, every time this happens I end up babble "STAY IN YOUR LANE" at the screen.

You can see the amplitude arise continued afore the canyon is fabricated but there is annihilation you can do about it with how bad amateur switching and AI accession is.

This isn't an affair if the servers are acceptable and the gameplay is fast but if there's a promo or top cartage fucking overlook defending.

You get ascribe delay, so you'll ask for a pass, they'll pause, brawl is gone, goal. In accustomed gameplay you'd just bright it. Unless this gets sorted Ffia 18 can fuck off.

It's not the servers, at atomic I don't accept so. I anticipate it's the bold engine and the botheration is how animations work. Players artlessly benumb at times.

I played a continued brawl up to my accompaniment and approved to accompany him adjoin the brawl but he couldn't move because the activity assured that he adjournment to accept it.

I watched my adversary nick in and yield it. It happens with these arresting errors too.

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