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FIFA - Bare 50 wins from 80 games

news Jan-20-2017

FIFA - Bare 50 wins from 80 games

We should absolutely do something about this non sense. I formed absolutely

harder this ages to accomplish aristocratic and had it all planned out.After

accomplishing 21 wins on my aboriginal weekend (didn't accept abundant time to

accomplishment my games) and Buy FIFA Coins accepting 26 on my additional weekend, I acquainted

appealing assured about my chances.

I alone had to cull out 2x25 which I anticipation was achievable.To my

surprise, ea absitively to avoid me up...They canceled one weekend of fut champs

which is absolutely 1/4 of the account playable games, yet they alone subtracted

20 wins from the 97 appropriate for aristocratic which is not 1/4...

They should accept subtracted 24 or 25 wins if they would accept been fair.

Up vote this.. maybe we can get EAs attention. Thank you Afterwards Edit: Thank

you EA for alert to us. They alone it down to 72. Acceptable luck everybody.

Accept fun.

It should accept been 73 for Aristocratic 3 account by the aforementioned %

as what it was.

Pretty acrid putting it up if the account rewards are not sellable.

If they capital to put them up at atomic do it on a beginning WL rather than

amid through.

Im in the aforementioned boat, bare 50 wins from 80 games, now I charge 30

from 40. 97 wins out of 160 amateur is a win % of about 60. 77 wins out of 120

amateur is a win % of about 65. Appealing bits that I'll apparently absence it


I charge 29 wins which is accessible if I accept a absolutely acceptable

weekend but FIFA 18 Coins that's not the point.I larboard amateur over the accomplished two

weekend's due to accepting abbreviate of time and assured I'd hit Aristocratic 3

absolutely easily.