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FIFA - Backpack Approach in FUT

news Jan-16-2017

FIFA - Backpack Approach in FUT

So, i just fucked up and deleted this column alert so i just gonna go

appropriate into it and skip the grammar analysis so apologetic in beforehand

for all my spell errors. Theres this approach that brazilian youtubers are

advancing up with, which is that the blush of the attenuate band beneath the

backpack architecture on top of the Fut 18 Coins prices tells you if the backpack is

traveling to be acceptable or not.

You can change the blush of the band anniversary time you access the

abundance so i ambition to ask you guys who accessible a lot of packs for advice

in testing this approach aback i dont accept a lot of money.Thats it ,

acknowledge you for your time and apologetic for the bits english, i just got

annoyed of autograph so altogether and blockage every line.

In the hotlink theres a video area the youtuber shows a acceptable band

color, if you ambition to analysis him out in youtube his approach is RodigolFC

and hi talks about this approach in his endure video if you ambition to try to

understand(Its in Portuguese).

Some things they already apparent is that: Colorful curve are not acceptable

in a lot of cases and that red and amethyst are the best colors.

EDIT: Guys if you could yield pictures of the band afore you accessible the

packs so we can accept a abject for whats acceptable and whats bad.

My best assumption appropriate now is that it's an absurdity in the interface

their RNG arrangement is behind. That band could be giving us some acumen into

what the backpack could accommodate based on the RNG? I'm in fact spitballing


So Alves was baby green? I just asked this in this thread, but for some

acumen didn't see your comment, if anyone has gotten annihilation acceptable

with a baby blooming to start. About all my packs alpha with a baby green, but

the two big pulls in this cilia (Messi and Vidal) were not starting off with

baby green.

Black and a dot of blooming I think! But I'll accumulate looking! Debating

whether I should advertise my IF arnautovic for 41k Cheap FIFA 18 Coins to accessible about 2-3

packs or not.