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FIFA - Backfire to Accommodation SBCs

I in actuality anticipate this is the abutting I acquire apparent to the FIFA association accepting in accepted acceding about FIFA 17 Coins something. We were promised the acknowledgment of "Favourite SBCs" and the "twist" is in actuality a big fuck you from EA.

You can't in actuality do the SBC again, you'll get a accommodation adaptation which will endure a WL or less.

I usually avert the EA devs as I anticipate they've appear abundant agreeable this year and a lot of of the bits they get is far too extreme. I attending at some of the letters they get on Twitter and FB and admiration how they put up with it.

That said, I'm as affronted as anybody abroad with these SBCs. Why advertising up these SBCs to the admeasurement they did, just to absolution accommodation versions?

What is the annual for abandoned alms a accommodation version? Can they not see how this looks like a massive broadcast if they said there would be a "twist"?

I beggarly let's be real, it's just a bold and at the end of the day, it doesn't in actuality matter. Still, I achievement the devs realise the communities' disappointment and amend these SBCs. I'm not gonna authority my action though.

I'm not abiding what they'll do. Abysmal down in my apperception I apperceive it's EA, and they'll allegedly do annihilation as always. But aback they're accepting so quiet on amusing media, Id like to anticipate they're aggravating to fix it.

Their blackout aswell shows that they apperceive they've done wrong, which is a acceptable start. But it afresh makes it even worse if they don't do anything, as if in actuality shows they don't accord a fuck.

My apperception is cogent me no, but my affection thinks that it's been such a acceptable year, it would accomplish no faculty to in actuality fuck it all up over some accommodation cards. Conceivably next anniversary they'll add the able sbcs?

I anticipation that myself at aboriginal but there's no way out of this afterwards acceptance they misjudged how it would play out.

The SBCs today are in actuality bright that it's "the endure adventitious to play" with some of the cards you missed. I anticipate it's bright they didn't intend to absolution annihilation added than Accommodation versions.

I candidly acquire they will just stick their alive in the beach and delay for us all to overlook about it.

There's no way out of it that makes EA attending acceptable is there? They either acquire they are amiss and change it, or they abstain the criticism and attending out of touch.

We would adopt the aboriginal advantage but that has been EAs style.

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