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Jun-08-2017 Categories: news

Mini Review- Anybody already knows how acceptable Kante & Boateng are so no account there. An added account for some humans who like their CB bond to accept the aforementioned work-rates.

The abounding backs (& GK) are annihilation appropriate but solid and never let me down.

Ayew was the hidden gem for me. Discard bulk and with Sniper has some in fact nice dribbling stats, 98 finishing and 4 brilliant skills. He feels decidedly able in bold (maybe because he's 6'0 tall).

Plenty of Hazard cards on the bazaar to clothing a lot of budgets.

Total bulk according to Futbin- approx 150k. I'm just sat actuality with an abstract Rudy because I can't win it again.

Losing the final on penalties bygone was body destroying. Can't accompany myself to play it again.

I was up 2-1 at 84 account during the Pulisic accolade which was the one I in fact capital and concluded up losing.

Now I accept no abashment and will acquiescently be a dick afterwards FIFA busted me. He denticulate 2 Goals in 6+2 minutes.

A attack that went appropriate through Dembele's arch so the adversary could hit it in for a ambition and a low apprenticed that anesthetized through my defender's basal appropriate to the adversary for an simple goal.

This bold will try and fuck you if you accord it the opportunity. It's not in your arch so don't accord it that opportunity.

Up and down amid div 2 and 3, and just able already to Futchamps. (won 16 of 40 - and was in fact drained afterwards that weekend). But in fact capital that Marquinhos. absent 3 times in the semi, and two times in the final.

One time to a own goal, and now on penalties. To accumulate the endure bit of acumen i accept left, i afflicted my aggregation name to "MySoulisBroken", and startet the clash - denticulate own goal, quit.

Both to advice accord some players a easier alley to the final, and to assure myself. I accept adored one try for tomorrow. But aboriginal i charge sleep.

I wouldn't accept said div 2/3 is bad at the game...I can't get out of div 3 ever.

But I apperceive the activity man - I accept absent atleast one final every clash aback Rudy and a lot of afresh it was to a guy who had one attack the complete game.

Not even just on target to Buy Fut 17 Coins. One attack and it was a chargeless bang that went in. It's heartbreaking.